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How it all began... it's complicated

So why I am I trying to become a "Spartan" in 120 days? It's complicated.

So I am a 'has been' at a lot of things... or you could say I've done a lot of things that I don't do anymore... like being a university runner, a soccer player, skinny, successful, a project executive, interesting, adventurous.... but I don't anymore. I've landed into 44 overweight, with 2 kids, starting my own business trying to live the entrepreneurial dream of work life balance (and failing).

Starting a new business (and having 2 kids) takes ALL of your money. I mean all of it. So when I got a call from my parents who live overseas requesting our presence at a major family birthday... I had to cringe as I had to decline. (How did I end up such an adult fail?).

Low and behold I had to swallow my pride, but a temporary solution was found.

However, I received a phone call from my brother.... So do you want to do a "Spartan Race" with me?

I was 'fortunate' enough to do event photography for the Tough Mudder recently... so my first question was-" is there mud? If there is mud I am out!" My experience of everyone thinking it is funny to hug the photographer while covered in mud has left me with nightmares to this day. However I also saw through this time - that people of all ages and body types were doing this ridiculous thing to their bodies (in mud).... a seed was planted that sans mud... maybe ...someday... I too could do an 'adventure race'....someday.....

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