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Broadcasting LIVE from Australia!

15 more seconds of Fame!

So my dad was in the Radio business when I was young- which I always thought was super cool! From the time I was around 12 I was helping blow up balloons for remotes, running around back stage and meeting all the celebrities our family hosted as they came through town. In high school I even got to be the weekend receptionist for the station- dishing out prizes that callers had won. Radio is a really interesting industry-it was the social media before there was social media- creating community and connection between people across the airwaves.

People talk about 'influencers' now- but this isn't new by any means. I remember people coming up to the DJ's as if they were close personal friends- asking them about their family and the events in their lives- that the on-air personalities had discussed. It was always weird but neat to witness the personal connection people felt through listening to the radio- that now they seem to get through blogs, Vlogs and instagram these days.

So When I was approached to be interviewed by @rppfm in the Mornington Penninsula, Victoria about the social enterprise I also run, I was thrilled! (Check out my nifty orange boots in the picture above)

It is so heart warming letting people know about the good work we do helping community groups, churches, retirement and aged communities. I would be happy to tell you more! feel free to visit for more information.

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