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30 Days and almost there! Literally!

We are there for you!

So The last 70 Days have FLOWN!!! and I am pleased to say- I am STRONG! Thanks to the support of the folks at Body Fit Surrey Hills (Who I photographed above), I have really upped my strength and endurance game! I found myself flipping 20KG medicine balls over my shoulder with ease. Throwing a ball over your shoulder does strike me as a bizarre exercise- but hey- who am I to judge.

Drum roll please... And the answer to my question....will a ridiculous fitness goal make me a better entrepreneur .... is a resounding YES! I have more energy, more drive, and I feel better about myself. Granted those 4:40 am was up calls are not amazing- but the results are worth it. I still haven't been running as much as I like- but that will be the focus of this 30 day count down.

Spartans here I come!

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