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105 days... Did someone say DIET!!??

So when my brother dearest called with his very simple sentence.."do you want to do a #Spartan race?"

Swiftly I answer- of course! His response- "Start training now."

Woe is me! I have heeded his wisdom only today wasting 15 precious days and only after the #easterchocolate madness was finished and I am certain I put on 20 kilos in 4 days.

I did it- today I strapped on the ol' running shoes and went for an 8K run/walk... a far cry from the 26KM hellish ordeal that will take me up a mountain and through obstacles... (with no mud... fingers crossed).

In line with my overriding question- will having a ridiculous fitness goal help me be a better entrepreneur... the signs look positive... I started this blog, finished some admin, applied for a grant and managed to get the kids lunch's packed! I have to admit- this starting a business is a lonely and sometimes very depressing journey for those of us that actually like working in teams. I have struggled- not gonna lie- to keep going.

Can I keep up this high? whewwwww day 2 of a diet is always the hardest. Diet! did I say diet? Oh cr@p. I'm guessing shedding around 10 kilos of my extra padding WOULD help me get up a mountain... (crying at the realisation).

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