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Exciting Announcement!

I am honoured to have been awarded one of 4 Getty Awards for my Women in STEM project.  Click the image below to read the full article!

From Getty: "Thank you to all the photographers who submitted their ideas for ‘This is Australia’ brief shoots. We had a lot of quality applications which made it hard to choose, but there had to be winners! On the basis of relevance to the brief, sellability as stock, and the strength of the idea, the judges from Canon and Getty Images have selected four projects to receive the Round 1 funding.



Attila Csaszar: Multicultural Australia with Chinese and Muslim Communities

Heather Felix: Smart is Beautiful: Women in STEM

Joao Inacio: Solo woman bike-packing in remote Australia

Marianne Purdie: Teambuilding Outdoors (group shoot) 

Congratulations to all the well-deserving winners, who will now start working with Getty Images’ art-directors on preparing for their shoots."


 Read full article here.

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